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Why retain us

Why choose us as your Immigration Lawyers?

  • Direct interactive and personal service
  • We address all your concerns and provide solutions
  • We offer you free assessment to help you narrow down your choices for immigration to Canada
  • We know other avenues to explore, even though you do not meet the initial CIC pass mark.
  • Where cost is an issue, we can provide cost effective solutions, that could enable you still meet your goal of immigrating to Canada
  • Regulations change and we can monitor them on your behalf·
  • Assist you with issues of medical inadmissibility, criminal inadmissibility, application refusals and long delays
  • Our experience increases your chances of success. You cannot afford to make a mistake. That would cost you time, energy and could affect your future plans.
  • A perfected application would ensure a shorter processing time
  • We have Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s authorization to represent you in the Canada Immigration Process because we are members in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario
  • All information provided to us is held with the strictest confidence
  • The cost is worth the benefit. Our legal fees are competitive, and payable in installments as your case progresses. The cost of failure is much higher!

Apply today, so that regulations currently in effect can apply to you.