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Reviews and testimonials

I have found Angela PrincewIll to be a warm professional who takes the time to give quality information about questions asked. Her answers were concise and precise as she gave her professional opinions. Based on my first impression, I am recommending her and her team to persons seeking legal advice on immigration matters.

Effy Nembhard


I’ve been a client at AP lawyers for a couple things. I can’t even begin the describe how amazing they have been. Not only they were able to handle my situations flawlessly, they were extremely honest and knowledgeable. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the help and guidance i’ve received from such a strong team. I strongly recommend. Thank you AP Lawyers!!

Benny Doe


Angela did a wonderful job on my husband’s application. The job was thorough and our application was approved within a very short time. I recommend this firm as they are professional and dedicated to their clients. Communication was great and it was nice to be working directly with a lawyer.

Agatha Okafor