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Refund Policy

To retain the services of AP Lawyers, a potential client must enter into a mutually acceptable fee agreement with us (“Retainer Agreement”). The Retainer Agreement shall be interpreted as a complete understanding regarding the fees we charge and payment of legal fees and expenses, including refunds.

If a potential client pays for our services, and we afterward decline representation, we shall refund the entire amount of the payment made by the potential client.

A client shall be entitled to a refund of all professional services fees paid, if the application is refused due to our failure to fulfill our duties as specified in our retainer agreement, and only if the client has fulfilled all of his/her/their duties as specified under the Retainer Agreement.

There shall be no refund due if the application is refused, returned, or cannot proceed due to reasons relating to Health, Criminality or Security, Government Policy, change in the current pass mark or selection system after the date of execution of the Retainer Agreement, or if the client voluntarily withdraw the application.

In any event, our total liability is limited to any professional services fees paid.