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Visitors Visa - Temporary Resident Visas (TRV)

Come to visit Canada on a temporary basis!

A Visitor Visa, also known as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is an official document which is issued by a Canadian visa office allowing you to enter Canada for a visit of 6 months or less at a time if you were granted a multiple entry visa.

Visitors are persons who are neither citizens of Canada nor permanent residents, but are legally authorized to enter Canada for a short visit to tour the country, visit family, attend an event etc.

Requirements for a Temporary Resident Visa

There are two types of Visas:​​

  • Single entry visa
  • Multiple entry visa

Both single and multiple entry visas are valid for a fixed period and cannot be used after they have expired.​

A single-entry visa allows a visitor to enter Canada just once for 6 months or less. A multiple entry visa allows a visitor to enter and leave Canada for six months at a time, without having to reapply to enter each time.​


Frequently Asked Questions

The processing fees for a Temporary Resident Visa is only $100.00.

If you are from a country that require to provide biometrics prior to entering Canada, then yes.

Yes, absolutely. When you reapply, it is extremely important to make sure that you have satisfied all the issues the immigration officer has with your first Application and make sure they are fixed.

Why hire AP Lawyers to represent you in obtaining your temporary resident visa?

Our experience and dedication will always increase your chances of success. We know what to look out for in the application process. We are thorough and we can advise you on ways to improve your chances of being selected. We have Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s authorization to represent you in the Canada Immigration processes and we are members in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario.