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Criminal Rehabilitation Applications

If you have a criminal history that causes you to be inadmissible to Canada, you would require a Criminal Rehabilitation Application.

If you have a criminal history that causes you to be inadmissible to Canada, you would need to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation in order to overcome your inadmissibility. Where you were convicted of or committed a criminal offence outside Canada, you may overcome this criminal inadmissibility through an application for Criminal Rehabilitation to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada ("IRCC"). A successful application removes the grounds of criminal inadmissibility.

Criminal Inadmissibility can prevent somebody entering into Canada and their immigration applications refused if they did not apply for Criminal Rehabilitation. For an application to be successful, you would need to show the IRCC that you have been rehabilitated, display that you are not a risk to Canadian society and that you will not commit the offence again.

Rehabilitation removes the grounds of criminal inadmissibility and means that you live a consistent lifestyle that would likely not reoffend.

You would be eligible for an rehabilitation if you:

  • committed an act outside of Canada and five (5) years have elapsed since the act;
  • been convicted outside of Canada and five (5) years have passed since the end of the sentence imposed.

All of your previous actions will be evaluated under the Canadian Criminal Code. For instance, a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offence may appear to be moderately minor, yet under Canadian Law it could be treated as an indictable offense.

Non-Serious Criminality

If your offence was considered “non-serious” in Canada and less than 10 years have lapsed since the offence then you will need to apply for a Criminal Rehabilitation if you would like to enter Canada.

For applications with non-serious criminality, the processing times are much faster and processing fees cheaper than they are for serious criminality.

Serious Criminality

Serious criminality is when your offence holds a prison sentence of at least 10 years or more and usually include substantial damage, harm or use/possession of a weapon. As of December 2018, DUIs and hazardous driving convictions are considered serious criminality and will require an application for criminal rehabilitation so as to be admissible to Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are Inadmissible on the grounds of criminality the processing fee is $200.00. If you are Inadmissible on the grounds of serious criminality the processing fees are $1,000.00.

If five years have not lapsed since you were convicted of your offence, you can use the Criminal Rehabilitation Application and select “For Information Only.” This way, the officer can let you know if you should not travel to Canada or if they allow you to apply for special permission to do so.

No, the employer must have a Confirmation of Designation from the province

Why hire AP Lawyers to represent you in obtaining criminal rehabilitation immigration opportunity?

Our experience and dedication will always increase your chances of success. We are dedicated to making your dream of coming to Canada a reality and we understand that criminal acts done in the past do not always define who you are today. Let us help tell the IRCC your story of being rehabilitated! We are in good standing with the Law Society of Canada and can ask as your representative with the IRCC.