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Application for Authorization To Return To Canada

An opportunity for residents who have been deported or issued a removal order to return to Canada.

An Authorization to Return to Canada ("ARC") may be required if you were the subject of a removal order from Canada. Whether an ARC is required depends on the type of removal order that was issued.

  1. Deportation Order: A deportation order permanently banishes an individual from Canada.
  2. Exclusion Order:  An exclusion order warrants the return of an individual for a specific time period, usually 1-2 years.
  3. Departure Order: A departure order enables a person to voluntarily leave Canada in 30 days after which it turns into a deportation order.

If an individual does not comply with the departure order that they were issued, then the departure order will become a deportation order and that individual will require an Authorization to Return to Canada.​​

If an exclusion order was issued, the individual would only require an Authorization to Return to Canada if they would like to return to Canada under the specified period they are excluded from returning.​

A immigration officer reviews your application for the following, among other considerations:

  • purposes behind the removal order​​
  • probability that you will repeat the conduct that made the other be issued
  • the time span since the order was issued
  • your current circumstance
  • the motivation behind why you entered Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

​You would most likely be refused entry at the port of entry you are attempting to enter at.​

Why hire AP Lawyers to represent you in your pursuit to return to Canada?

Many individuals are not aware they require an Authorization to Return to Canada due to a removal Order against them. It is imperative that once you have been issued a removal order that requires an ARC, that you comply with the appropriate procedure. If you do not, it will look bad on your overall immigration record for being refused entry in Canada. Let us help you re-enter Canada and be reunited with your loved ones or your need to be in Canada. Our experience and professionalism will make this process as smooth as possible. Contact us for a consultation today!