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How we help you

As your immigration lawyers, here are just a few of the things A. Princewill Law Firm will do for you.


  • Review your background in detail and investigate all possible categories under which you may be able to immigrate.
  • Ensure that you apply under the right category.
  • Package your application to ensure that it is thorough.A perfected application ensures faster processing and positive results.
  • Review all your documentation and reference letters, and advise you of additional documentation that would be helpful and deficiencies, if any.
  • Advise you on inadmissibility issues, and how to deal with challenges that may arise.
  • Advise you of ongoing changes to immigration laws as they may affect your case.
  • For entrepreneurs, we assist you with conducting market research, preparing a business plan and arrange exploratory visits.
  • Assist with pre-immigration tax planning for business immigrants.
  • Liaise with Citizenship and Immigration Canada regarding your application and provision of additional documentation and information. We know when to contact CIC on your behalf.
  • Assist you to get temporary work permits.
  • Follow your application until your Permanent Resident Visa is issued.


  • Prepare you for your immigration interview (if necessary).
  • Ensure that you still meet the requirement for admission into Canada.
  • Advise you about acquiring Canadian Citizenship.

Find out if you are eligible immigrate to Canada by completing our free immigration assessment.