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To receive the most up-to-date information and advice, we recommend you consult directly with immigration lawyers. We do not warrant that information in this website will always be updated. The information contained on this website is often a summary of the rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures, which are considerably more detailed. If you choose to retain any of AP Lawyers’ lawyers or any lawyer referred by us, then you should fill out and sign necessary agreements.

Legal services may be remotely performed by a lawyer located outside the jurisdiction or location where you currently reside. As immigration law is Federal law, licensed lawyers have the permission to provide remote representation to clients who live in States or Provinces other than their specific State or Provincial licensed jurisdiction.

Only professional legal advice provided during a formal consultation or pursuant to a written retainer agreement, should be taken as legal advice. None of the information contained in this website, in an e-mail or any other correspondence sent by AP Lawyers should be construed as a legal advice. AP Lawyers disclaims any and all liability and/or damages resulting from reliance upon such information.

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