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New Pathway to Permanent Residency Announced – Over 90,000 Spots!

New Pathway to Permanent Residency Announced – Over 90,000 Spots!

General Overview

On April 14, 2021, the IRCC announced that a new pathway to Permanent Residency (PR) will be launched for over 90,000 essential workers and international graduates.

These special public policies are specifically targeted for individuals already in Canada and is being created to assist in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerate economic recovery. 

Starting on May 6, 2021, the IRCC will begin accepting applications under the following 3 streams:1. 20,000 applications for temporary workers in health care2. 30,000 applications for temporary workers in other selected essential occupations 3. 40,000 applications for international students who graduated from a Canadian institution

These streams will remain open until November 5, 2021 ORuntil they have reached their full capacity.

Note that family members (spouses and dependent children under 22) can be granted PR as well with the Primary Applicant.The family member can be inside or outside of Canada.

As well, to promote Canada’s bilingualism, three additional streams with NO intake limit have been launched for French-speaking or bilingual candidates.

This new program was announced to assist the IRCC with achieving their 2021 Immigration Levels Plan, which will hopefully see Canada welcome 401,000 new permanent residents. 

Below, please see the requirements to qualify for each of the pathways.

A. Temporary Workers in Health Care and Other Selected Essential Occupations• Have at least 1 year of full-time work experience (or the equivalent in part-time experience) in Canada, in an eligible occupation listed in Annex A (maximum 20,000 Applicants) or Annex B (maximum 30,000 Applicants).  The one year of experience must have been obtained in the last 3 years prior to date of Application.o Annex A is all eligible health care occupations except for those working in animal health. Other eligible occupations also include psychologists, social workers, counselors and social workers.o Annex B is a much more general category including cashiers, service station attendants, people who work in most trades, transport truck drivers, bus drivers, construction workers, railway workers, mail workers, cleaners, etc. o Please see this link for a full list of all qualifying occupations• You must be employed in Canada in a qualifying occupation at the time that the Application for PR is received. • Self-employed individuals do NOT qualify unless working as a physician on contract with a hospital.• Work experience gained WITHOUT a proper Work Permit does not qualify.• You must obtain a level of proficiency of at least CLB 4 in either English or French in each of the four categories. The test results cannot be older than 2 years prior to the date of your Application.• You must intend to live in any province except Quebec.

B. Foreign Nationals with a Recent Credential from a Canadian Post-Secondary Institution • You must have completed prior to the date of applying and no earlier than January 2017, a program of study at one of the following “Designated Learning Institutions” in Canada• You must have been granted: o a degree from a program that was longer than 8 months in duration.o a degree, diploma, certificate of any duration leading to an occupation in a skilled trade specifically within Annex A. Please see this link for the full list• You must be employed in Canada with a valid permit OR have authorization to work at the time that you submit the Application. You cannot rely on being self-employed or on under-the-table work.• You must have a level of proficiency of at least 5 CLB in each of the four language skill areas in either official language. The proof of this proficiency cannot be older than 2 years on the date of Application submission.• You must reside in Canada with a valid temporary resident status (or be eligible to restore your status) and you must be physically present in Canada at the time of submission and at the time of approval• You must intend to reside in any province aside from Quebec


This is an extremely exciting time for Canadian Immigration. It has been a while since such a generous PR Pathway has been launched by the Canadian Government that covers a significant portion of foreign nationals. If you feel that you qualify under any of the streams mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you apply ASAP and get your documents in order. If you have not yet booked an IELTS or CELPIP exam yet, it is highly recommended that you do this now so that your test results will be ready by the time the Application process opens up. 

Remember that these pathways to PR can be closed prematurely if all 90,000 plus spots fill up. If you qualify under any of these streams or would like to know more and whether you qualifywe at AP Lawyers are always happy to help our clients with these applications. Contact us today to book your consultation at (905) 492-7662 or or visit our website to start the process.

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